Repair Tool for Products Using 8272 Chipset

How to update firmware through PC?

You will learn how to update AnyCast’s firmware by our PC tools through following methods.

The tool you may need: 

  1. Micro USB cable: To connect AnyCast dongle with your PC. 
  1. Paper pin: To short circuit pins. 
  1. A Windows Based PC, recommend Win 7 or above.  

Please follow the methods to update FW. 

Step 1: Download AnyCast Repair Tool to your PC. 

Downloaded the update package to your Windows PC. Uncompressed the file. 

Uncompressed the downloaded file and unfold the usb_driver, click “install” to install repair tool.

After installing the driver, please double click the “EZCastUpdate.exe” file.

Step 2. Disassemble your AnyCast: 

Please open the case carefully from the parting line on the side of dongle.

Step 3. Enter download mode: 

Please make sure you have installed our update tool on your PC. 

Plug micro USB connector of the USB cable into your AnyCast dongle. Use paper pin to short pin 7 and pin 8 (count the pin number from bottom up) of the NAND Flash memory. Keep 2 pins shorted and plug USB type A connector of the USB cable to PC at the same time.

When the USB cable is connected to PC, a wizard window (Download) will pop up to guide you through USB driver installation process. Now you can remove tweezers for next step.

Step 4. Update firmware: 

Click “Download”, you will see following figure to show FW Download progress. 

As a reminder, make sure your PC’s connected to the Internet. 

After the FW is downloaded, the button will change to “Upgrade”, now you can update the FW.


(File size: 10.5 MB)