Beware of Counterfeit AnyCast Products

We have received many complaints from consumers who bought counterfeit AnyCast products.

They are prone to poor WiFi connections, unstable screen mirroring performances, and overheating issues.

Here are examples of fraudulent AnyCast products NOT manufactured or sold by

If you purchased any of the following products, we advise you to return them to the original sellers.

1. WiFi SSID is not in the form of "AnyCast + 8 characters".

2. WiFi SSID is in the form of "AnyCast + 4 characters" (i.e. AnyCast-ea19).

Unauthorized Counterfeit

3. The main menu shows "some questions, please restart!"

4. Not using "" to setup.

5. Uses "" to setup.

Unauthorized Counterfeit

6. Use the slogan "Easy sharing".

Unauthorized Counterfeit

Unauthorized Counterfeit

7.Shows "Ready to display" but does not begin screen mirroring from your device to TV.