M100 - User Manual

M100 - User Manual

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Please Scan the QR code on screen to download App for quick connection and setup for iOS and Android devices.


IMPORTANT! The new AnyCast products are supported by EZMira. If you plug your dongle and find out the barcode on the home menu doesn't link to EZMira, then it means that your dongle does not yet support EZMira. 


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AnyCast M100 is a wireless screen mirroring receiver which supports 4K Ultra HD display. Without changing modes, users can easily stream/mirror videos/games from a small device screen to a big screen. AnyCast M100 supports multi-OS mirroring which including Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS, Google Home App mirror, EZMira App mirroring. Free firmware is provided time to time to compatible with up-to-date devices. Please follow the user guide below to complete the setup.


Hardware Installation


1. AnyCast to wifi module

Plug wifi module micro USB port to the dongle micro USB port.

2. AnyCast to power

Plug the wifi module type-A USB port to an external 5V/1A power adapter port.

3. AnyCast to TV/projector/Monitor

Plug the dongle HDMI port to TV/projector/Monitor HDMI inputs.

4. Select Source

Select the right HDMI source which was connected to the dongle. AnyCast main screen display (refer to below).


AnyCast to Internet

1. Scan QRCode to connect wifi

1.1 Turn on EZMira app on your smart device. Tap “EZMira App” and select “Scan QR code to connect wifi”.

1.2 Scan the QRCode on the TV screen and wait for a few seconds.

1.3 Tap “Done” icon after AnyCast connecting to your phone via wifi. The wifi setup page will pop out automatically.

1.4 Select home wifi and type into the password to connect.

Note: If wifi setup page won’t pop out automatically, please refer to method 2 or 3.


2. Connect wifi by Bluetooth (5GHz only)

2.1 Enable smart device Bluetooth.

2.2 Turn on EZMira app and tap “EZMira App” option.

2.3 Tap the Bluetooth icon.

2.4 AnyCast device appears on the setup wifi page.

2.5 Tap AnyCast SSID to create wifi connection between smart device and dongle.

2.6 Select home wifi and enter wifi password.

2.7 Click “Connect” and the dongle will connect to the Internet.

Note: The wifi connection between the dongle and device may disconnect after the Internet connection is created.


3. Connect wifi from browser

3.1 Connect your device to AnyCast SSID via wifi (SSID and password shows on the TV screen)

3.2 Turn on device browser and enter the URL

3.3 Tap “Internet” option from the setup page

3.4 Select home wifi and enter wifi password to connect


Android Mirror

1. EZMira app Mirror (Available on Android 5.0 and above)

1.1 Turn on EZMira app on your smart device. Tap “EZMira App” and select “Scan QR code to connect wifi” option.

1.2 Scan the QRCode on the TV screen and wait for a few seconds.

1.3 Tap “Done” icon once the smart device is connected to AnyCast.

1.4 Click “Discover” at the bottom of EZMira app.

1.5 Tap mirror icon in the right top corner.

1.6 Select “START NOW” option to mirror.


2. Miracast mirroring

2.1 Turn on EZMira app and tap “Connect” option.

2.2 Enable Android Miracast and select device SSID

2.3 Connect to AnyCast and start to mirror

Note: Miracast mirroring available for the devices which support Miracast only.


3. Google Home App mirroring

3.1 Download Google Home App from Google Play Store.
3.2 Enable mobile phone USB tethering option(Refer to USB tethering mirror).
3.3 Turn on Google Home App and select the “Account” login Google account.
3.4 Wait for about 30s before AnyCast appears.
3.5 Select AnyCast-xxxxxxxx and start to mirror.

Noted: Make sure both AnyCast and smart devices connected to the same wifi router.


iOS/macOS Mirror

  1. Connect iOS/macOS device to AnyCast SSID via wifi
  2. Turn on Screen mirroring/Airplay mirroring.
  3. Tap AnyCast SSID and iOS/macOS device screen will mirror to the TV.


Windows Mirror

1. Miracast mirroring (available for Windows 8.1 and Windows 10)

1.1 Press the short key “Win+P” on your keyboard.

1.2 Select “Connect to a wireless display”.

1.3 Select AnyCast SSID to connect.


2. EZMira Mirroring

2.1 Download EZMira from https://any-cast.com/pages/download-ezmira-for-windows and install EZMira app to your PC.

2.2 Turn on Windows wifi and connect to AnyCast SSID (SSID and password are shown on the TV screen).

2.3 Turn on EZMira app and select “Search Device” option.

2.4 Select AnyCast device and the Windows PC screen will mirror to the TV automatically.

Note: Please turn off the Windows firewall/anti-virus software/computer housekeeper software if the searching device failed and retry.

Chrome Browser Mirror

  1. Make sure both laptops and AnyCast connected to the same router.
  2. Turn on Google Chrome.
  3. Tap the built-in “Cast” option in browser right top corner.
  4. Select “Cast Tap” or “Cast Desktop” by clicking “Select Source”.
  5. Tap AnyCast SSID to mirror.


AnyCast Setting 

Internet: Connect to the home router for Internet access

Resolution: Change AnyCast output resolution

Language: Change AnyCast display language

Password: Change AnyCast wifi password

Device Name: Change AnyCast device name

Wifi Channel: Change wifi channels (2.4G/5G)

AirPlay: Change mirroring mode for iOS smart devices (Mirror Only for iOS 10.x; Mirror+Streaming for iOS 11.x and above)

Upgrade: Update AnyCast firmware version

Reboot: Restart AnyCast

Reset to factory default: Reset AnyCast


Complete Help to Using AirPlay and Miracast

Learn how to use AirPlay or Miracast with your phones.


  Repair Tool

In rare events where you might have trouble OTA the dongle firmware to the latest version, you may consider using the Repair Tool to upgrade your AnyCast dongle.


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