User Tips

Tips#1 Installation

Step 1: Connect WiFi cable (micro USB head) to AnyCast dongle main body.
Step 2: Plug the AnyCast into the HDMI port of your TV and switch to the right input source.
Step 3: Plug USB cable into an external USB power adapter.
Step 4: You should see the main AnyCast page

Tips#2 iOS/iPhone/iPad AirPlay Mirroring

Step 1: Press the button to switch to AirPlay mode.
Step 2: Read password on screen.
Step 3: Establish WiFi connection between iOS device and AnyCast.
Step 4: Turn on AirPlay and select AnyCast’s SSID.

Tips#3 Android MiraCast

Step 1: Press the button to switch to Miracast mode.
Step 2: Miracast mode ready.
Step 3: (Samsung Phone) Find the Miracast function on your Android device (such as screen mirroring/miracast/smart view).
Step 4: Establish Miracast connection between Android device and AnyCast.

Tips #3A Samsung (Settings>Connection > Screen Mirroring) (S4 as sample) 

Tips #3B HuaWei (Shortcuts > Multi-screen) (Honor 6 as sample)

 Tips #3C Sony Xperia (Settings> Wireless & networks > More > Screen mirroring)

Tips #3D Oppo (Settings > Other wireless connections > WiFi Display) (R9 as sample)

Tips #3E LG (Settings > Share & connect > Miracast) (G2 as sample)

Tips #3F Xiaomi (Settings > More > Wireless display) (Redmi Note 3 as sample)

Tips #3G Windows Phone (Settings > System > Display > Connect to a wireless display) (Honor 6 as sample)

Tips #3H LeTV (System settings> More >Wireless display) (Max 2 as sample)

Tips#4 Connect to WiFi Router (for all devices)

Step 1: Read the IP address of your AnyCast on screen.
Step 2:Use browser on your device (iOS/Android) to access IP address of AnyCast, and select your WiFi router.
Step 3: Enter password.
Step 4: Connect to your WiFi router successfully.

Tips#5 Firmware Upgrade (for all devices)

Step 1: Connect AnyCast to WiFi Router, and read the IP address on screen.
Step 2: go to the Air setup page.
Step 3: Click upgrade to update firmware.
Step 4: During upgrading please do not power off AnyCast.

Tips#6 Mac OS X AirPlay Mirroring

Step 1: Switch AnyCast Dongle to the AirPlay/DLNA mode, then connect your Mac to AnyCast Dongle via WiFi (SSID should be AnyCast ###, and read the 8-digit password/PSK on screen). After the connection, switch on AirPlay Mirroring to mirror your Mac screen to AnyCast Dongle via AirPlay Mirroring

Step 2: Open browser and enter the IP address: for Air Setup.

On the Air Setup page, you can change the options below:

. Internet: connect to home router for Internet access
. Language: change language
. Password: change password
. Default Mode: change default mode
. Resolution: change resolution
. Upgrade: firmware upgrade to compatible with up-to-date devices

Tips #7 Windows Miracast

For PC mirroring, AnyCast compatible with Windows 8+.PC Settings:
Step 1:make sure AnyCast stay in the Airplay mode.
Step 2:launch WiFi network setting and connect the PC to AnyCast network.
Step 3:launch Google browser or other browser and enter the IP address (
Step 4: enter setting page.

PC Mirroring Steps:

Step 1: press the button on the AnyCast dongle and switch to Miracast mode
Step 2: launch PC settings/Devices/Connected devices/Add a device and start to Mirror
Step 3: Miracast connecting

If "Add a device" failed, you can try another alternative way:
Step 1:Set AnyCast default mode as Miracast (compatible).
Step 2:Reboot the dongle (power off then power on AnyCast dongle).
Step 3:Turn to your PC, tap Settings/PC and devices/Display/Connect to a wireless display then select the device and start to mirror.

Note: not all of PC can mirror to TV successful due to Microsoft configuration changes all the time and Miracast function is not stable on the laptops.
Note: not all of PC can mirror to TV successful due to Miracast function is not stable on the laptops.
If it still fails, please kindly contact with Microsoft and ask for help.